Experimenting with cacao butter

Being creative, means trying out new ideas – and that won’t always end in huge successes. Sometimes the process is more about learning, then a perfect end result. As in this case. I would have been thrilled to tell you this is the ultimate cupcake topping. But it’s not. It’s not bad at all, but I need to work a bit on the recipe… I’ll tell you about it anyway – because this is what it’s all about. Learning by doing as the scouts say!

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Oven roasted nuts – the perfect snack!

Summertime. A party or just a quiet evening on the balcony – or in the garden, maybe a glass of wine or a beer. Sounds great – but something is missing! The snacks! We always have loads and loads of nuts at home, but to be honest – they are quite boring to eat, just like that, on their own. So :here’s how you spice things up: Roast the nuts – and flavor them while you’re at it! I’ll tell you how I make our two favorite versions.

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Apples in the oven

 It was Friday again, and Friday in this house means a nice family dinner and most importantly – dessert! Which is fine. Actually, I love this tradition! The problem was just that I was almost done with cooking the dinner when I realized I had forgotten to make dessert… Desperate for a quick fix of this situation I looked over at the fruit bowl and YES – we had plenty of apples! :-)   So here you go – the perfect dessert – the one that takes care of itself while you are eating the main!

Oven baked apple with vanilla mascarpone

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The birthday! – part three

The celebration of Elins birthday got extended over several days this year. The actual day at home – since it was a Sunday this year, then the celebration at school, which was on the Monday, and then also a proper birthday party at home with friends from school – today, Tuesday, since school ends early on Tuesdays in Luxembourg. So there were more cakes and more cupcakes. It seemed never ending….. But to make things easy I’ve been using the same toppings – just in different ways. I’ll tell you how!

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Elins birthday

Today my little daughter turns 11.

Every birthday is a huge event for a kid and of course it should be special. So I made her favorite breakfast – carrot pancakes - with added sweet potato (that we had left over from last night), and of course there had to be cupcakes! Blueberry lemon muffins with a topping of mascarpone, yoghurt, lemon juice, honey and some beetroot juice.

Happy birthday Elin!

I love you!


Cherries makes really funky cupcake decoration!

Last night we had a small dinner party and as a dessert I served tiny chocolate cupcakes. I had planned to put raspberries on them to top them off, but once I saw the cherries in the shop I knew that would look even better.

Leaving the green “straw” sticking up make it even more funky. You can find a recipe for muffins HERE and the topping is made with melted dark chocolate and a mix of yoghurt and mascarpone.



Somewhat grey, blueberry cookies

Don’t let that headline discourage you. The color of the cookies might not have been as cool and funky as I had expected, but the taste was great and I was lucky to be able to get a few pics of them before the kids came home from school… That plate was empty soon after…


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Blueberry chia pudding

We’ve been loving the chocolate chia seed pudding I wrote about a while back, in a guest post over at  CLEW.lu, eating it a couple of times every week ever since – so I thought we could need a bit of variation. The other day I experimented with blueberries and made a colorful version of the pudding. We all liked it, but a vote in the family afterwards, about which dessert was better, ended 3 votes for chocolate and 1 vote for blueberry – so it’s good indeed, but maybe not awesome…? Or was the competition just too hard? You’ll have to try and decide for yourself!

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