Saffron “cheese”-cake with raspberry hearts

Vegan cheesecakes – that aren’t actually cheesecakes, but a nut based version that are similar to cheesecakes have become quite trendy. I tried a recipe a while back and liked the idea. Added in a personal touch – and here we have the result. A colorful saffron “cheese”-cake with raspberry hearts.

saffron cheese cake

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Stacking pancakes to make them attractive

This was my husbands breakfast plate this morning.

Stack of pancakes, with blueberries

I love to make him smile :-)

You can serve pancakes in so many ways but an easy way to make each plate look like it came right out of a 5-star kitchen is to stack them in the middle of the plate and add a little love.

Using nut butter (hazelnut in this case) – I dipped a small spoon in the jar and then letting it flow over the pancakes, made circles around the stack – like a flower. I did this after stacking just 3 pancakes so you don’t see the “mess” that happens on the actual pancake – just the shapes on the plate.


Then I added 4 more pancakes, a dollop of fresh creme cheese on the top and a few fresh blueberries. Voila! So easy, and it really looks nice.


The recipe for the pancakes can be found HERE!




My sisters vanilla pancakes

Sure – we know the two ingredients banana pancake recipe, don’t we? And I’ve tried it, but always felt it was missing something. It wasn’t until recently when I visited my sister and she made them for me that I had the true wow-feeling. THIS is what they should taste like! And the simple thing she did was to add a pinch of salt, a dash of vanilla and fry them in plenty of coconut oil. On Monday it’s my sisters birthday – Happy birthday sis! I love you! Here are your pancakes with a fried apple, nuts and raisins topping!


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Smile – the sun is shining!

It is Thursday and after a two weeks break from the blog I should be posting another recipe… But I won’t. I need to figure out how to continue this blog (and still stay sane :-) ). I’ve reached an amount of recipes now that I am quite happy with and I keep baking and making quite a few of them… But I’m not sure I want to keep creating more, just for the sake of it… So be patient and enjoy this inspiring picture of my lunch today, for now. Made a fresh salad from “Feldsalat” (Cornsalad / Valerianella), “Baerlauch” (Wild garlic / Ramsons) and mint leaves / mentha. Topped with strawberries, eggs, pumpkin seeds and almond flakes. Sprinkled with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and salt. And voila – Suddenly noticed my salad was smiling at me!


Enjoy the sun!


Easter sweets and treats

Thursday before Easter is the day when, in Sweden, the witches fly off to “BlĂ„kulla”. You can see small versions of them walking from door to door tonight, dressed with aprons, a head scarf and with freckles painted all over their cheeks. They will give you a hand painted little Easter greeting and hopefully they will get some Easter candy as a thank you. It’s a very cute tradition, and I love the trading spirit (Easter greeting – candy). I thought for today I will not give you a new recipe, but instead make a few suggestions from all the recipes we already have here at Lieselathome – what would fit for the Easter holiday? Read on for some of my favorite sweets and treats!


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Grain free buns

After the success of the grain free focaccia amore I have made several variations of that bread. This is one of them. Buns – that I feel has got both a very bread like texture and taste. Nut free, milk free… For me the main thing though is how these buns actually raised in the oven – similar to a classic bun would – and also got that thread like structure in the cracks that appears in rising bread. Bread nerd? Me? :-) I guess that comes from 20+ years of baking bread – traditional ones and grain free versions.

grain free buns made with flax seed, coconut flour and potato flour

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Savory egg muffins

Recently when both my kids were down with the flu, and I was afraid I might catch it too (didn’t) I made up a batch of savory muffins – as back up. My reasoning was – if I get sick, we need to have some easily accessible healthy food because I won’t be able to cook…. We enjoyed those muffins so much that I worked on them a bit and decided to post the recipe here. Perfect for a ready to go breakfast (if you make them ahead) or a snack, or school lunch.


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Monica’s birthday cake

A very special person recently had a birthday. She is an enthusiastic health promoter and also one of my most loyal followers on Lieselathome’s Facebook page. She recently sent me a question, asking for ideas for a cake since she has invited some people over to celebrate this birthday, belated since she was on Bali on the actual date. Now – who wouldn’t have LOVED to spend a birthday on Bali!!! Anyways – this cake is for Monica! No grains, no lactose. She also can’t eat coconut – so no coconut flour. She can have coconut oil however and there is plenty in this cake. Who ever can’t eat it, can switch it for butter! I know Monica loves chocolate so of course this is a double chocolate layer cake!!

Monica's birthday cake

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