Cookies for visitors

You don’t need to have visitors to make these, but my thought behind the recipe is that often people who are not on a grain free and sugar free diet like us, tends to think most of my cookies aren’t sweet enough. Sugar kind of hijacks our taste buds so if you eat sugar on a daily basis you might not experience other tastes as strongly as if you stop eating sugar.

This recipe is based on my most popular cookie recipe – cookies for grown-ups. I’ve added in more sweetness as well as the sweet and fruity taste of orange to even out the bitterness.

cookies for visitors, in a blue bowl

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cardamom hazelnut cracker-cookies

Cookies – crackers, the difference lies somewhere in the sweetness and texture, right? These are somewhere in between. Kind of like digestives, if you know that particular one. I’m normally not a big fan of cookies except for my chocolate chip cookies or  “cookies for grown-ups” but I still make some every now and then for the kids. These hazelnut cookies with cardamom, are a new recipe that turned out quite nice. They were meant to be cookies – but I got inspired afterwards to rather use them as crackers with cheese. Yum! That’s more like me. :-)

hazelnut cardamom crackers

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Like cookies in a bowl – muesli

Having posted muesli recipes here in the blog before Here, Here and Here, I keep making muesli all the time at home. I just realized that slowly I have changed the procedure of making it to tweak the result to something better. This means – it is time to post a new recipe! This muesli might not be the healthiest (because of quite a bit of honey) but it sure is delicious! My son says it’s like eating cookies, in a bowl of yogurt.

chocolate muesli - like cookies

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Saffron cookies

“Natten går tunga fjät, runt gård och stuva” (The night steps/spreads heavily, over farms and houses)– that’s the beginning of one of the most famous Lucia song that was sung all over Sweden (and in Swedish homes all over the world) this morning. December 13, early morning, we celebrate Lucia. You can read more about Lucia in a post I wrote for CLEW magazine in this link. Read on right here to get a recipe for saffron cookies.

Yellow saffron cookies

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Somewhat grey, blueberry cookies

Don’t let that headline discourage you. The color of the cookies might not have been as cool and funky as I had expected, but the taste was great and I was lucky to be able to get a few pics of them before the kids came home from school… That plate was empty soon after…


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Coriander and raspberry cookies

Cookies. I could bake them every day and we would still never have any left over in a tin somewhere over night. They are often eaten instantly and the last ones will be feasted on after dinner. Here’s a new recipe I made up last week and again – they were gone just after the pictures were taken :-)   Maybe I need to start making bigger batches…?

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Black and White Cookies

Personally I find every season to be cookie season, but I know Christmas is the time when most people will turn their kitchen into a private bakery. This doesn’t mean we have to go crazy and turn our backs to a healthy lifestyle. Here is a tasty cookie, with zero gluten, zero sugar and 100% yummy-factor!

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