Crunchy Christmas Crackers

These days many of us are busy decorating our homes. December almost here, beautiful Christmas markets opening up everywhere – at least here in Europe – and radio stations starts playing “last Christmas” again. I thought today, we could bake something that is easy enough, and has a crunchy Christmassy feeling to it.

Or – have the kids make it – it’s that easy!





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From unwanted zucchini – to much wanted bread

Not being a particularly big fan of zucchini – I don’t know why I keep buying them. Again I found myself staring at one in the fridge thinking – I really should use that for something before it goes bad. So I thought of the root celery bread I made a while back and decided to do something similar… Zucchini and lemon bread!

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All Natural (and quick!) Christmas Sweets

Christmas is coming closer and the shops are full of sweet temptations. I’m thinking we need something to treat ourselves with, without going totally overboard! These sweets are filled with intense Christmas flavors, takes less then 10 minutes to make, and they fit a healthy lifestyle. – There’s really no excuse not to make them…

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Liesels Real food Apple cake

Yes, I’ve said it before (when I made the Pumpkin and Carrot Apple Cake) but I’ll say it again – I love having cake for lunch! I’m also pretty good at telling myself it’s ok, by putting as much “real food” as possible inside the cake. Eggs, sweet potato, butter, apples and some nuts… What can I say – I’m easy to convince!

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Pimp your water!

A glass of water. The most simple and healthy drink can also seem a bit boring sometimes. We pimp other drinks with umbrellas and cherries, and use nice glasses for wine and champagne – so why would we not use a few of those tricks on our water?

This is a post without recipes. It’s simply here to inspire you to, every now and then through the coming month filled with celebrations – take a break and drink some water. With style!

Lemon and raspberries

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The quick 10-minute, healthy lifestyle, Schnitzel


(Which is “Hello” in Bavaria – the south part of Germany)

If you know anything about the German kitchen, you probably heard about Schnitzel! It’s a quick, tasty and normally not Paleo – or LCHF – or whatever you call your lifestyle – because of the breadcrumbs you’d use. However – who says we can’t substitute them?

This was what I had for lunch today – and it seriously took me less then 10 minutes to cook. I’ll give you a quick guide to it!

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Camel Muffin – and what is Zwetschgen?

You know what a cinnamon bun is, right? But, have you ever had a camel bun? Probably not. Me neither. The thing is, that the Swedish word for cinnamon is kanel, and the Swedish word for camel is kamel. Hard to keep apart, small Swedish kids will often call a cinnamon bun (kanelbulle) – a “camel bun” (kamelbulle) Even these days – whenever I bake with cinnamon, I think of camels :-) So here are my new “camel muffins” with Zwetschgen.

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